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Last updated: 2010, January 1st

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small band arrangements - no java
jazz tunes for 1 or 2 horns, piano, bass, drums
more jazz tunes for 1 or 2 horns, piano, bass, drums - page 2
jazz pieces for 1 or 2 horns, and rhythm section - page 3
jazz tunes for 3 horns, piano, bass, drums
jazz tunes for 4 horns, piano, bass, drums
more jazz tunes for 4 horns, piano, bass, drums - page 2
big band arrangements
more big band arrangements - page 2
big band arrangements from The Watermill Jazz Suite
big band arrangements from The Brighton Jazz Suite
big band arrangements from The East Sussex Jazz Suite
more big band arrangements from The East Sussex Jazz Suite
pieces from the One World Jazz Suite for Big Band by Paul Busby
full list of collections of original tunes, consisting of...
trombone arrangements of original tunes
more trombone arrangements of original tunes - page 2
songs and first few lines of the lyrics
more songs - page 2
original tunes for solo piano
full list of free tutorials
jazz jukebox and links to video clips
tips from top players
"flash" introduction to scored changes
creation, not destruction (peace and environmental links, videos and files)
background information about the music
about me
links to other jazz sites
items for sale
updates, news, gigs, resources, credits
The Watermill Jazz Suite
the Brighton Jazz Suite
how I am setting about the Brighton Jazz Suite
Th'E (The East) Sussex Jazz Suite
queries and campaigns corner
private tuition in jazz
funnies - page 1
funnies - page 2
gigs and that embarrasing moment
stonedway minipiano
boozeyduffer minipiano
Spanish translation - jazz original por pequenas bandas, grandas bandas, trombones, y canciones
French translation - originaux de jazz pour petites bandes, orchestres, trombones et chansons
Polish translation - jazz według Paula Busby
German translation - Jazzmelodien mit den Akkordweiterentwicklungen, die Skalen zeigen, sowie Akkorde
Italian translation - arie originali di jazz per piccole fasce, fasce grands, trombones i canzoni
English-Japanese-English Japanese translation!
Ian Hamer obituary
Sussex Jazz Orchestra
hip tree ("song") - pdf file
spoof glossary - pdf file
list of original tunes on this website
list of free tutorials / 29 pages
scored changes explained
singer's guide to jazz theory
cycle of fifths
swing feel
straight 8's feel
dominant sevenths
altered chords
augmented triads
the diminished
the half-diminished
harmonising a line
finding scales from chord symbols
chords from scales
chord progressions
bass lines
scale-chord relationships
rhythmic patterns
drum guide to big band playing
blues scale
scales constructed from triads
melodic elements in tunes and in jazz improvising
foreign notes
composite scales
the harmonic major scale
a realistic viewpoint
some short scales
a guide to colla voce playing
behaving in a professional manner as a musician
complex chords written as superimpositions
the major and minor Middle-Eastern scales
the harmonic minor scale with a flattened second note
playing free within set limits
exercises for scales, arpeggios and intervals
the augmented minor major seventh chord
blank manuscript paper
musical form
the evolution of musical pieces
major sevenths and major minor sevenths
minor sevenths
11ths and 13ths
mnemonics for pianists