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Music is an international language. Jazz, in particular, allows everyone to have their say and to be understood by everyone else, regardless of their race or nationality. Jazz is at its best when people listen to each other and contribute their own ideas to something which is a creation of all their efforts - a musical and emotional experience.

In short, jazz is about co-operation and co-operation is the opposite of conflict. If politicians from every country were jazz musicians we would live in a more peaceful and equitable world. Well, in theory, at least!

When a country resorts to violence and destruction, or even just the threat of unleashing such forces upon others, it is a sign of its own failure to resolve crises or to further its own ends in a more grown-up civilised manner. War now is nothing more than mass murder. The vast majority of people who die in wars are civilians, particularly the weak, the infirm, the elderly and the very young. War does not solve problems: it creates new ones.

As a musician who attempts to create new things, I firmly oppose mindless destruction, however glossy and glamorous the weapons of war may appear to others. As a human being who cherishes life, I deplore the killing and maiming of other human beings. And when it is done in my name by my own country, I utterly deplore it and will protest against it however I can.

I have been very lucky to have been able to travel widely and to have lived and worked with people from many other countries.

Co-operation with others from other backgrounds leads to a One World philosophy, which I passionately believe in. We have enough problems in combating global warming and other ecological disasters without wasting valuable resources in nationalistic behaviour at the expense of others.

For those who are interested, here are some links to some worthwhile organisations, many of which have branches worldwide:

To find out the state of the world, there used to be a world clock from an website called which showed many useful facts, but it seems to have disappeared. Keep an eye out in case it comes back.


War on Want

Campaign against the Arms Trade

World Development Movement


Friends of the Earth

The Carbon Neutral Company


Human Rights Watch

New Internationalist Magazine

Center for Alternative Technology

Stop the War Coalition

The Syria Campaign

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament


Flyingfish - links to alternative media

Medecin sans Frontieres

Lend with Care

Lend with care is an excellent scheme run by Care International. You can lend money to people in poor countries who need some investment in projects. When up and running, the money is paid back and you can choose to reinvest in something else or take the money.

Click here to read about six factors which have a detrimental effect upon the environment.


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