I have decided to make all my music free. There are no catches. It's just that I would prefer my music to be played, rather than just sit around on my computer. I am now 70 (in 2016) and I'm beginning to feel my age. A few months ago I gave in and had an eye test and now have reading glasses. I also do not have as much energy or inspiration as I used to have. My days of playing, writing and teaching are now over. My chances of getting publishers interested in my music are non-existent. To be honest, I've not even tried as I can't take rejection easily. I don't need the extra money from the sale of my music as I am on a pension. So therefore I am giving my music away. Don't expect high quality stuff that you find on other websites.

If you like any of the arrangements, please make a donation to a charity. That's all I ask. And incidentally, If you play any of my tunes in a venue which requires details about who wrote it with regard to royalties, please do fill out the form as I am donating all royalties to OXFAM. You will see PRS (short for the Performing Rights Society for Music) written at the top of all the charts to remind you. I am concerned that I have spent my life doing nothing of any real value so this may help to do something useful for other people.

Regarding PRINTING, please note that if you want to just print the page that is visible on the screen, choose Current Page or Page 1, otherwise the whole file will start to print out!

Before printing the whole arrangement, check that everything has printed out well on one or two pages. It should be fine, but if anything has not printed out well, you will need to clean the heads on your printer, and if this doesn't clear up the problem, change the setting from optimum speed to optimum quality , or the equivalent on your printer.  If after all this, the files do not print out well, I'll send you the music. Please notify me if the chord symbols are strange - it could be the font is wrong and I can correct that very easily. Things can sometimes go amiss and I'm not afraid to say that I sometimes do make mistakes.

Regarding the SOUNDBITES, I must apologise for the poor quality of many of them, but I am not promoting them but the written notation. To hear them, most of you will have a choice. Either click on the titles or on the arrows. Clicking on the titles allows you to hear or download the mp3 files,but it may take a while before they start to play and you may be taken away from the page.

To counter these problems I have installed a flash mp3 player with arrows beside each of the titles. This has the advantage of playing the files immediately. But this option is not available to people who have prevented java script and activeX from running on their computers. You may safely click on any warning banners you might see and clicking Allow Blocked Content as I have not used any dangerous or intrusive script anywhere and the only ActiveX used is to operate the flash mp3 player and the flash visuals on the Scored Changes Explained page. Trust me, I'm a musician! (Or was.)

I would appreciate any feedback. It is very gratifying for me to know that people are playing my music as it makes it all seem worthwhile. You can contact me from the link on the home page.

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