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Here are some stories of mine in pdf format - they're free. Download them here,  right click and save.

There are 5 volumes of Silly Stories.

This is the blurb to Volume 1.

ďDon't be silly," your teacher will have told you. When you grow up, you find the adult world is sillier than anything you could imagine as a child. These stories are silly, but sillier things happen around us all the time. Think of all those embarrassing things which we laugh at later, sometimes much much later. In this first volume, read about a man who worked as a sheep-dog who got to hear other peopleís text messages and other radio-waves; about the hazards of having to spend a penny very frequently; about the diary of an oak tree; and an oddballís obsession with shooting things. Then thereís some nostalgic memories, a childís thoughts on bringing up parents, and a mix-up of how different generations behave. This is followed by a nationís defence against alien birds; a bit of advice about social niceties, and a man who wears his own renewable energy clothing. So, forget your troubles and immerse yourself in these stories.

Click on the title (not the picture) to read it here: - Silly Short Stories, Volume 1   

This is the blurb to Volume 2.

Some people have told me that my silly stories are a tonic in these troubled times. Then why not grab yourself a bottle of gin to go with the tonic and read all about a woman who had a love affair with a dolphin; a more polite way to write public notices; Santaís comedownance; a dinner-date that went awfully wrong; the side-effects of Wendyís jam-making; a chat about tea-ology; a who-didnít-do-it mystery; a visit from one world to another; filly-power; and a musical written by two people who hadnít a clue about writing a musical. By the way, you donít really need a bottle of ginÖbut it might help you recover afterwards.

Click on the title to read it here: - Silly Short Stories, Volume 2   

This is the blurb to Volume 3.

Some more silly short stories with characters you will be able to empathise with, and maybe a few others. Here you can read about a football match between an English ladiesí team and a French menís team; a cricket match which took place in heavy rain; the final passing-out ceremony of a dogsí obedience class and a race to win by losing it. Plus there is tuition on how to spy on people for novices; how an advertising executive saw reality in a new way; and a doctorís dilemma in being faced by a man who was well and therefore thought he must be ill. Then there is a story about a man with dementia who had a problem with his sense of humour; a dog and cat who wanted to change identities; the lowdown on a catís life; and an experiment giving a woman a Y chromosome and a man an extra X one.

Click on the title to read it here: - Silly Short Stories, Volume 3   

This is the blurb to Volume 4.

Yet more silly short stories for you to read to your pet goat. First there is an historical account of how Italian food became popular in America; then a little man becomes acquainted with a badger; followed by a rather earthy recollection of nursery rhyme characters. After this, there is a section on the origins of foodstuffs and a visit by a nostalgic grandfather to his futuristically-minded granddaughter. If you get a thrill when you hear a Latin phrase, the next one is for you. Or maybe you are more into vegetables. I know you know I know that. What? Find out more before you turn your attention to the conflict between the bees and the wasps. Is home always sweet home? Maybe not. But what about the so-called New Man? Does he exist? Find out.

Click on the title to read it here: - Silly Short Stories, Volume 4   

This is the blurb toVolume 5

I hope youíve enjoyed the other books. For those of you who are gluttons for punishment, here is another collection of silly short stories. This volume contains one about a manís alter ego, a mobility scooter race, a woman who comes back to haunt a man, the professional way of writing music, what happened in a supermarket carpark, a visit to Earth by some aliens, the translation of a blackbirdís songs, the future of airports, the secret lives of snails, and a happy ending involving a T-shirt, shirt and vest.

Click on the title to read it here: - Silly Short Stories, Volume 5   

This is a silly book about gardens or rather one in particular which may be typical of all the others.

Have you ever visited a public or private garden and felt overcome by a feeling of intense peace? Or perhaps you are planning to make a visit sometime in the future? Well, perhaps you ought to read this book to discover what it is really like from the perspective of those with first-hand experience of being in gardens - the plants and the gardeners. Are the roses on good terms with each other? Is the lawn happy with his lot? Or not? Are plants happy to be in the same bed as certain other plants? What do the fruit think of the vegetables and vice versa? And what about the gardeners? Are they lovey-dovey or at each other's throats? You will find out here. Be prepared to be shocked!

Click on the title to read it here: - Everything in the garden is rosey  

This is an interactive children's book called The Amazing Adventure of Ouch, suitable for children aged roughly 4 to 11. The cover was painted by my Indian grandson, Nemo, aged 7 after he had read the book. Other children may have a different picture of what Ouch looked like.

Click on the title to read it here: - The Amazing Adventures of Ouch

The following two books are true stories which I wrote in the early 1980s when I was heavily involved in the peace movement. This first one is about my visit to Prague in 1982 when I took a soft-toy tortoise to a children's hospital there and was a delegate to the World Assembly for Peace.

Click on the title here: -   Tortoise in a Bonnet.

This one is not about family trees in a genealogical sense, but about a visit I made to East Berlin in 1984. I took a porcelaine bowl to a church in the city before travelling by train to Dresden and then through Czechoslovakia, as it was then, to Budapest where I met members of the peace movement in Hungary.

Click on the title here: - Branches of the Family Tree

These stories have been published in paperback form and can be obtained from Amazon - here.


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