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Some piano pieces for you, although some have been taken from arrangements for bands.
All this music is free...but a donation to a charity would be appreciated instead. To request a tune, click in the box that follows the arrow.  To refresh the page, click on the Scored Changes logo (above, left) or press ctrl+F5.    Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.

Hottentots  46KB    download

Easy to play

Goodbye Trevor   36KB   download

Dedicated to the late Trevor Kay, an alto player you can hear on these tunes on the Collections page
- Under the Sun, Hajnalka and Succotash.  Needs time to fathom out the chords.

Strangers Again    48KB   download

Take your time over this one. Here it is on youtube - Click here.

Doreen's Party Piece   159KB    download

Dedicated to my dear departed friend, Doreen and written for her 70th birthday.  A slow waltz

I should have known    56KB    download

3/4 and 4/4 sections to keep you awake (and to confuse you if playing along with a metronome)

Reflections    43KB    download

5/4 but relatively easy to play. To find out how to play in 5/4, click here !!!

Hangover Street    61KB    download

Bluesy feel, taken from the big band arrangement

Fireball    55KB    download

I found this difficult to play, but I'm a lousy pianist

Feta Crumbly    42KB    download

Needs time to work out the notes

Interlude    48KB    download

This is not much of a tune but it is a good work out for the left-hand, forcing you to use fingers you forgot you had.
This is what it sounds like on strings and woodwind

Fudge   49KB    download

Easy to play. There is no separate solo piano soundbite as the piano part closely resembles the band arrangement.

Refugee    72KB    download

Not a jazz piece, but good practice for the right hand. Can be played along with the recording or by a synth for backing
with solo piano/synth, accordian or bass clarinet or cello or some sort of folk instrument. You can see a video with the tune as backing music   here

The Dawning       45KB    download

A slow quiet number which is unexpectedly hard to play (for me!).

Sofa, So Good      130KB    download

This is Version 2 of Sofa, So Good, for a trio.
(See "The Origin of Pieces" on Tutorial page.) It doesn't really work as a solo piano number.

La fille qui aime danser    81KB    download

A little French waltz.   Here is the string version

Here is a version for alto and piano - click here.

Kadriya   (Кадия)    111KB    download

A jazz/classical solo piano version of this tune. You can play your own solo on it if you don't want to play
what is written. A good exercise for using the pedal and for legato phrasing.

What might have been    57KB   download

A refective number which is quite demanding for the left hand. This is what it would sound like when orchestrated
and used for a TV/film theme

Here it is on youtube - click here

Ben    147KB   download

Dedicated to a dog, this is a difficult number to play, but is excellent practice for your left hand, or should that be paw.
This is a canine version of the tune

INAUgazaRATION DAY    136KB   download

The title refers to the juxtaposition of 2 events in January 2009. (See Gaza section in the Blurb page.)
Very tricky number to play.

Alina's Song    99KB   download

This has a modern feel to it - a band version is now available..

Eau de Toilette    99KB   download

This tune was prompted by the sound of the water in the cistern in the Gents toilet in the Grand Hotel.
(The Cistern Chapel, perhaps.) It is not too difficult to play, for a change.

Сласибо / Spaseba (thanks)    36KB   download

The piece is not too difficult to play. I must have had on off-day.

Rejection...Dejection   167KB   download

Relatively easy to play, but there are a few tricky bits. Good exercise for the right hand. Bass and drum parts supplied if played by a trio.

Impulse    200KB   download

This starts in 7/4 and then goes into 4/4 and 6/4, but hopefully doesn't sound like it. A bass and drum part are included if you want to play it with a trio.

Pantalones de Ancianos /Old Men's Trousers    63KB    download

This is taken from a midi file recorded straight from computer. The style and title refer to a bar I went to about 40 years ago in the back-streets of Cancun in Mexico. From different seats, groups of people started playing instruments - as soon as one stopped another group stood up and started playing - fantastic music. The toilets were located in a hole in the wall, and men did up their trousers as they re-entered the room. You can hear the whole thing with the music  here .

Triste Storia    78KB   download

Not difficult one. It reminds me a bit of Italian music, hence the title which means Sad Song.  Here is an orchestral version of it

Rebecca    200KB   download

A slow waltz

Attente...(Waiting...)    55KB   download

Easy tune, but playing a solo over the left-hand figures is quite tricky. Good practice though.

The Wife of Reilly    55KB   download

A mock Irish tune, but you can have fun soloing on the simple chord sequence.

Kristina    38.2KB   download

This is how it sounds like orchestrated:

I wrote this for a Latvian lady, but I'm afraid it's turned out rather Russian.

Marine, Marine, the Vineyard Queen    80KB   download

This is how it sounds like played by a band:

This is for a former friend.  

La Belle de La Rochelle   40.7KB   download

(tune only)  This is how it sounds like orchestrated:

Another tune for Marine

Tara's theme    32.7KB   download

Another attempt at my writing a (sad) Irish song. This one is for Tara.

There is an excellent article on how to interpret piano parts for big band on the website www.pdfjazzmusic.com, as well as being an excellent resource for written music.

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