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These big band arrangements of originals are written for 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones (one being a bass trombone), piano, bass and drums. A guitar part is included as an extra for most of them. A few also include extra percussion parts. You might find this useful. Please note that music on this page is more basic than on the other pages. For more advanced (and hopefully more interesting) pieces go to the next pages. The most recent pieces are on the last page.
All this music is is free...but a donation to a charity, such as Red Cross/Red Crescent or UNICEF would be appreciated.   Click on Download and then click on the one you want on the new page.   You may have to register with Google to access the arrangements but this is quick and easy to do.   To download the chart, click on the middle icon at the top.   Please let me know if there are any problems with the written music, eg. strange chord symbols, and I will do something about it.     On this page, click in the circles to play the tunes and stop them.   To refresh the page, click on the yellow Scored Changes logo or press ctrl+F5. Please note that the full score is not included in the pdf files for any of the tunes. If anyone has a better recording of any of the arrangements, sent it to me (mp3 file) and I will include it with credits and publicity for your band.

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All arrangements have been inspected by a high-up official


Winter Sunshine    321KB    (pdf file size)     download

A trumpet feature. This is a live recording of the tune, played by Ian Hamer and the Sussex Jazz Orchestra. Click on these words to find out more.

Favelas  949KB       download

A medium Latin number with long solos for piano and trumpet.

Branching out    901KB       download

This chart has a groove feel with solos for any of the horn players. Suggest 2 soloists in all.   Listen to this arrangement on youtube here, about 5.16 minutes from the start.

Slapstick   912KB       download

An alto or tenor feature plus bass solo.

Chipper Flipper    944KB       download   

Fairly tricky ensemble passage. Straight 8's and swing feel. Alto and trumpet solos.   Listen to the whole arrangement on youtube here

When all's been said and done    407KB       download

This is a live performance by the Straight No Chaser big band, featuring Graham Snell on tenor.

Ships that pass in the night    912KB       download

Long solos for trombone and tenor or soprano. Contains short free passage which can be omitted.

Choose Whose Blues  510KB          download

This arrangement gives anyone a chance to solo. There are only afew ensemble choruses which are not too difficult but attention needs to be paid to dynamics. The Bb riffs need to be copied 6 times, the Eb ones 3 times and the concert ones 4 times.
The opening trumpet solo can be extended for chase choruses, as here,     , recorded by the Sussex Jazz Orchestra at a concert in 2007.

Pig in the middle    917KB       download

Needs a bit of rehearsing, as did the band which recorded this!  Solos for tenor, trumpet and bass.

Chocolate Eclair    644KB       download

A funky Latin arrangement with a bit of swing too. First alto feature. Additional parts for flute, maracas and cowbell.

Ouagadougou    624KB       download

Not too difficult an arrangement with tenor, trombone and bass solos. Extra flute part which could be played by the second tenor.

El Toro, Berto    660KB      download

Also known as - O Tauro, Berto - this tune is named after a drummer friend of mine. Samba, with solos for piano or guitar, and tenor with lots of space for the drummer. Additional flute part included.

The Wrong Song    732KB       download

Reflective sort of piece with long trumpet solo and lots of broken-up passages for the rhythm secion.

Celebration Day   512KB       download

Funky number with African overtones featuring solos for tenor and trombone (or harmonica). The arrangement differs slightly from the sound bite. Hear the whole arrangement, slightly modified     here.

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