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The following original jazz pieces for small bands or combos are written mainly for 2 front-line parts (2),  but those indicated by (1) can be played by 1.  Rhythm section parts arefor piano, bass and drums.  This music is free...but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.    To refresh the page, click on the yellow Scored Changes logo or press ctrl+F5

Key to abbreviations: tpt - trumpet, tbn - trombone, sop - soprano sax,
alt - alto sax, ten - tenor sax, bar - baritone sax, flt - flute, clar - clarinet,
gtr - guitar, vbs - vibraphone, pno - piano, bs - bass, dms - drums,
vln - violin, unis - unison, Bb - tpt/sop/clar/ten, Eb - alto/baritone.

Twos Company      (1)   78KB   (pdf file size)   download

(sop/flt lead,  tbn/ten/alt harmony)

On the death of a child   (1)   50KB    download

(soprano/clarinet/oboe/flute/folk instrument)

Goodbye Trevor   (1)  169KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Ama   (1)   171KB    download

(Bb/alt lead, tbn/ten harmony)   Hear the whole piece on youtube here at 42.18

Chad   (1)  112KB    download

(Bb/tbn unis)

A Kiss for Lady Eleanor  (Egy Csók Lady Eleanornek)   (1)   97KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

I know you know he knows she knows   (2)  159KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)For a live performance of this tune click here.

Vanessa   (1)    116KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony) Hear the whole song on  Here

Three steps to Beckley   (1)  187KB    download

(tpt/clar/alt lead,   tbn/ten harmony)

Vortex   (1)   180KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis)

Arusha     (1)  126KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis)

Smooth Talkin'  (1)   117KB    download

(Bb/alt/pno lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Less than nothing   (1)  82KB    download

(tpt/clar/alt lead,  tbn chords)

Reflections  (1)   79KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis)

Muse  (1)   130KB    download

(tpt/clar/ten/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

The best of friends    (1)  151KB    download

(tpt/clar/ten/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)
See/hear the tune on youtube here.

The system   (2)   66KB    download

(tbn/ten lead,  tpt/clar harmony)

Arabian Daze    (1)   102KB    download

Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

There are frogs at the end of the rainbow   (1)  137KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

The quickest way to China - down     (1)   111KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Sheboom   (1)   119KB    download

(tpt/alt/clar lead,  tbn/ten harmony) Hear the whole song on  Here

Summer Showers   (1)  267KB    download

(alt, tpt unis)

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