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More small band/combo arrangemets mainly written for 2 front-line, etc etc


Karma    (1)   69KB    download

(flt lead,  alt/ten unis)

Bapu's Blues    (1 or 3)  241KB    download

(flt/Bb/Eb lead) - Bapu was Gandhi's nickname

Low and Behold   142KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis) Hear the whole song on  Here

Sayanti  (1)  150KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)

Aardvark's Anonymous  107KB    download

(tpt, ten - mostly ten lead)

Kjell-f  Life  159KB    download

tpt/alt lead, tbn/ten harmony)

For Razzaq   157KB    download

(ten lead, tbn harmony)

Fit for a King (Kingának)      (1)  92KB    download

(fl, alt, or clar unis or solo instrument)

For Kingának with strings, see below:

This version brings out the harmonies better.

For Kingának with brass, see below:

This last version is for those of you who prefer to lie back and think of England!

On the outside, looking in   (1 - Bb/Eb)  109KB   download

(Bb/alto lead, tbn/ten harmony)

Romero   217KB   download

(tpt, tbn/ten harmony)

Viviane  (1 - Bb/Eb)   200KB   download

(Bb, Eb unis)

Para Uma Amiga  (1 - Bb/Eb/tbn)   120KB   download

(Bb, Eb, Concert)
To hear the whole tune, click here.

Pin-striped soldiers    (1)   210KB    download

(Bb, Eb, Concert unis)

Las Bellas Sevillanas    (1)   146KB    download

(tpt, ten/tbn)

Maybe Tomorrow    (1)   210KB    download

(tpt, soprano - could also use tenor 8vb)

Stewart's Enclosure    (1)   112KB    download

(Bb, Eb and trombone - just a blues)

Mkunjufu    (1)   82.2KB    download

(ten, alt, fl, pno - solo or unis)

The Wrong Song    (1)   142KB    download

(alt, ten, and/or flute, with tbn harmony)

Kadria   (Кадия)    (1)   91.3KB    download

(tpt, alt, fl - unis)   ...and how it sounds with strings:

Viktoria    (1)   146KB    download

(fl, gtr, tbn, ten - all unis)

I don't believe in strangers   (1)  179 KB    download

(trumpet, alto or clarinet solo or unis)

Rebecca   (1)  202KB    download

(alto, clarinet, flute, tenor solo or unis)

A Minha Coisa Longa / My Long Thing   (1)  110 KB    download

(trump/clar/alt/concert unis or solo - or just 1 horn plus bass)

Warning - there are not many rests in the tune.

La Fille qui aime danser    (1)   146KB    download

(alto, piano, bass, drums) To hear a live perfomance of this, click here.

The Bewitching Hour    (1)   146KB    download

(Bb or Eb lead, piano, bass,)To hear a live perfomance of this, click here.This tune is also calledThe Carroll Singer in the Songs section.

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