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All this music is free, but a donation to a charity instead would be appreciated.  More jazz arrangements for small bands or combos which are mainly written for 2 front-line instruments but those marked (1) can be played by 1.   

Wizadry  (1)  95KB    download

(Bb/altlead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Tim can   (1)  156KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Postman's knock   (1)   165KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis) Hear the whole song on  Here

What if...  (2)  175KB    download

Dilemma  (1)  82KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)

Touchez-moi  (1)  101KB    download

(tpt/clar/alt lead, tbn/ten harmony)

Peach time  (1)  171KB   download

(Bb/alt/tbn unis) Hear the whole song on  Here

Third time lucky   (2)  118KB    download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten part-lead)

Friars Walk  (1)   90KB   download

(Bb/alt lead,  tbn/ten harmony)
  Hear/See the tune on youtube here.

Ships that pass in the night   (1)   181KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn lead,  plus harmony on same parts)

Hibakusha  (1)  132KB    download

(Bb/alt/tbn lead)

White-Van-Man  (1)  138KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)

Marcela  (1)  57KB    download

(Bb/Eb lead)  Hear the whole tune  here

Este é para você  (1)   123KB   download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)   Hear the whole tune  here

When you're away  (1)  78KB    download

(Bb/Eb lead)

Rejection...Dejection  (1)  61KB    download

(Bb/Eb lead)

Hoje   (1)  96KB    download

(Bb/Eb/tbn unis)  Hear the whole tune  here

All around us   (1)  152KB    download

(tbn/ten/sop lead,  alt/ten harmony)   Hear the whole tune  here

Hottentots (now called Khoikhoi)    (1)  135KB    download

(ten/tbn/flt/gtr/pno lead,  tbn harmony)

Key for two    (1)   121KB    download

(tpt/sop/clar/alto lead,  ten/tbn/clar harmony)

Yet a long long way to go    (1)   197KB    download

(tp/alto lead, alto/ten/tbn harmony)

Minerva    (1)   156KB    download

(flt,alt/ten - flute lead, but cued for alt or ten)

El baile con Maquiavelo (Dancing with Machiavelli)    (1)   183KB    download

Tango  (violin/alto/clar/ten lead, clar/ten harmony)

Alina's Song  (1)  235KB    download

(trpt, sop or alt solo or unis)

Walking with Bluebells  (1)   173KB   download

(Bb/Eb,Concert/tbn solo or unis)

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