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These original tunes in various styles - jazz, African, funk and classical, are written for piano here. They can therefore be played at home or on gigs. Some have been taken from larger arrangements, others are specifically piano pieces.
All this music is free...but a donation to a charity would be appreciated instead.  To refresh the page, click on the Scored Changes logo (above, left) or press ctrl+F5.    Click on Download and then left click on the one you want on the new page.    Scroll down and click on Save linked content as...Alternatively you can print them straight off.

Beanie    32.7KB   download

I wrote this piano piece about my cat, Beanie, who died a few days previously. Sorry it sounds rather mechanical - it is played by the notation software. To find out more about her click here

Last Year    32.7KB   download

This tune is also a big band arrangement. It was originally titled 2021, but 2020 was a dreadful year. 2021 was worse and 2022 has turned out dreadful, thanks to Vladimir Putin and the Russian thugs. Maybe sometime in the future you can look back on a good year, for all of humanity.

Bucha    32.7KB   download

The soundbite is played by software so is not altogether accurate - treat it merely as a guide. Go by the notation instead. Bucha will always be remembered as the town which Russian thugs, by which I mean the Russian forces, tried to destroy and to murder its inhabitants.

Here is an orchestral version of the tune

Happy-Apathy download

Another software soundbite, sorry.

Unsung Song download

As a pianist, I know all about what it's like to accompany mediocre vocalists (not all of them were mediocre, I should add). You can imagine how this tune would be massacred by a vocalist. Another software soundbite, I'm afraid.

Pravda?! (The Truth?!) download

This tune is all about the false and pervasive propaganda which Russian state media puts out about the war in Ukraine. This refers to the propaganda fed to the mainly gullible Russian population - a pernicious fairy-tale. The tune starts off with the straight propaganda. It then becomes wierder and wierder, more and more unbelievable, until it is exposed as a bunch of lies to justify the paranoid schizophrenia of President Vladimir Putin and his cronies. Sadly, most Russians want to believe the official version of events which they are exposed to constantly in the media. Sorry, another software soundbite. For a possible orchestral version listen to this, preferably with headphones:

This is the video I put together with this music. Please watch it till the end (1.50secs or so). I do NOT support what Putin has said, exactly the opposite, but millions of Russians believe every word of his propaganda. I tried to portray this in the first part of the video before shooting it down later, see:

Walking on eggshells download

Married Life. Another tune which avoids 251s. Not easy. Sorry, another software soundbite.

Make-Believe Movie download

This is pretty hard to play but you can play it slower than it's played here. This is just a short snippet - you can hear the whole thing here. Sorry, another software soundbite.

At Peace download

An easy piece. Sorry, another software soundbite.

Just Now download

Another fairly easy piece. Sorry, another software soundbite.

Child's Play download

Much easier than most, but the title is really about a child playing, literally. Sorry, another software soundbite.

Slava Ukraini download

Now this one is hard, especially in the left hand. Sorry, yet another software soundbite
Here is an orchestral version of it - this needs headphones or good speakers

And here it is for computers/laptops/mobiles with small speakers

Waiting at the bus-stop download

I wrote this in my head while... Sorry, another software soundbite.

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