Jazz originals by Paul Busby

Jazz originals by Paul Busby



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HELLO.  Welcome to my website. Let me show you around.

Please note that as a shortcut, you can click on the words in heavy black type.   If the whole width of the page is not displayed, go to View/Full screen or press F11

On the left, you'll see various categories where you can find music for small bands (or combos),  big band charts, and arrangements for trombones and rhythm section, as well as collections of tunes songs and pieces arranged for solo piano.

Choose whichever ones you're interested in and click on the arrows to hear short samples of what each tune sounds like. You will have to click again if you want to stop them before they finish. Alternatively, you can click on the titles to hear or download them.

Some of the soundbites have been done on a synthesizer to give you just a rough idea of what the tunes sound like or at a band rehearsal so they are not very polished. The music will obviously sound MUCH better when performed ~ live ~ as I hope you will find out for yourself.

If you would then like to download the music (ie. notation) to any of these tunes, click on the word to gain access to the pdf files. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see them - click on it, if you haven't got it.)

ALL of this music is FREE! In return, a donation, however small, to a charity would be appreciated. You will find various charities listed, but you can choose another if you wish.

So why is this website called SCORED CHANGES, you might be wondering... I thought you'd never ask!

It's because I have included charts along with the music which indicate which scales can be played against the different chords. The word SCORED is derived from SCale + chORD, with the spelling amended. See here.

A fuller explanation can be found on the right or if you want to know about it in more detail, click here. You might find it useful to print this file off as you may wish to refer to it later on. (Other topics regarding music theory can be found in the Jazz Tutorials section.)

Underneath the Scored Changes Explanation on the right is the heading INFO where you can find out more information about printing the music and other matters.You can also access this from any of the music pages through a pop-up window which will not disrupt any data you may have already entered.

Beneath this is a section called The Blurb, which contains information about subjects other than music, such as environmental issues.

Then there is something called Projects in which you can read about different musical projects I'm involved in, where you can find photos, sound clips, videos and diaries about writing arrangements as well as information about my big band

Below this is the News page, with news of updates. You can also send in details of any jazz gigs, CD's or tuition, anywhere in the world for the listings section. All this is absolutely free.

And finally, there are some musical links and a blog which I occasionally add to. You can also contact me if you wish to. It would be really nice to hear from you.

Then there's also the TutorialsMy Youtube Channel, Tips from Top PlayersMusic CampaignsFunnies,  and last but not least, the Jazz Jukebox which also has links to videos of jazz and other kinds of music.

So that's about it. Have fun and I hope you find at least something that interests you.

Click for a full list of the jazz tunes on this website

Disclaimer and other Information:
All of these original tunes are copyright and are registered with the Performing Rights Society (PRS).  Please include them on any forms if they are performed publicly or recorded.  If there is any resemblance to any other tunes it is completely unintentional. Under no circumstances must any of my music be used to promote or condone violence, war, racism or the abuse of human rights.